Definition of Boudoir: a woman's bedroom or private room for dressing or resting

Boudoir photoshoots has become really popular and can be so much fun. Sometime it is for a women that wants to take beautiful empowering photos for themselves, a gift for their significant other, or a very popular one is for a groom's gift on the wedding day. 

TIPS: If you are thinking about doing this but may be shy or scared, I say go for it! Many of the women that does these shoots are your ordinary working women or busy moms. Find a good photographer you are comfortable with and shop for some sexy lingerie. You'll be surprised at the beautiful intimate photos you will get and they will always be cherish. 

MAKEUP// Sexy Smokey eyes paired with pink lips
HAIR// Soft curls with extensions for fullness and length

Photography: http://www.timhaysphotography.com
Makeup and Hair: Jenny Le